Nick Gravagne Replacement Soundboards

Basic Soundboard Product includes highest quality Sitka Spruce panels and Easter White Spruce ribs. Panel is diaphramized (tapered -- this is important) at selected areas. Ribs are crowned, and all is pressed in crowned presses at 5% EMC. Bridges are extra (see below) and are recapped (in standard three-piece Steinway style) for extra height. When dry they are side-routed, scraped and sanded, and ready to plane to target depth and final drilling and notching. Bridges are not glued to the new board. There is an additional charge for gluing bridges to new board (see below).

For size PIANO up to and including:


5' 6"                                        $ 2,395                

6' 4"                                           2,515                 

Three bridge style                    2,610                 

6' 8"                                           2,540          

6' 10"                                         2,675         

7' (B style)                                 3,015        

Mason & Hamlin BB                3,245            

7' 6"                                           3,245                 

8' 6"                                           3,385                  

9' (D style)                                 3,465             

European style                         3,500 and up (depending)


Add $350 for new oversize bridge caps (too tall, you plane down to target depth)

Add $350 to above costs if you want us to locate and glue the bridges onto the new board. This work involves making a full size pattern (or modifying yours), locating the original bridges relative to the old board and carefully transferring the data and datum information to the new board, locating and drilling out rib dowel holes, temporarily pinning bridges to the new board, gluing bridges on, and later following with dowels through the ribs and into the bridges. In addition, most high-end boards have attached acoustic blocks and dowels, along with soundboard buttons and screws. Finally the entire bottom is re-sanded and finished with a wash coat of shellac. If you have affixed bridges to a new board you understand the processes.


Bridge Services

Completed bridge caps (notched and pinned)

For size PIANO up to and including:

Piano Size up to:           Complete
6'4" ________________$1,155

7'4"_________ ________ 1,420

9' __________ ________ 1,700

Note:  Certain boards, for example some Chickerings or Bechsteins, or other odd and 
unusual types, will have to be finally quoted on an individual basis.  But, more or less,  they will 
fall roughly into the above framework of prices. 
SHIPPING charges are additional, and are paid by customer when old board is shipped 
(shipped "prepaid"). We will ship new soundboard "collect" to you. Call your nearest interstate 
trucking company and ask how much it costs to ship a crate which weighs about 150 pounds
to Strawberry, AZ 85544.

To find the best deal we suggest you go to the free online service
and fill out the form online. FreightQuote will supply you with a list of shippers for you to consider. Unless you have 
cartage insurance (as available through PTG) be sure to choose a freight company that offers at least $1,500 in 
automatic liability insurance. Fedex and UPS are now in the crate shipping business, and may offer competitive rates. 
But call first to learn of their crate size dimensions rules. Small to medium size soundboards will qualify. 
Remember you crate width dimension should be 6 to 8 inches.

Ship crates to:

Nick Gravagne
5235 N Strawberry Lane
Strawberry, AZ 85544
Phone: 928-476-4143
A $1,000 materials-deposit is required in order for us to secure and process wood materials, 
and to confirm you in our shop schedule.  Balance is due before we ship new board to you.
When work commences,  your new board will be ready within 21 days (longer w/ new bridges).
Current Price List @ May 2015 PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE  
Nick Gravagne, RPT
Copyright:  Nick Gravagne -- January 2016