Bridge cap making photos taken from the video.

Note layout drawn on new cap wood as it compares to the mirror image
of the original bridge body. The pointer indicates gluing "ears" left
in place in order to clamp the pieces together later. Notice the 1/8" pin loaction
hole which registers the new cap pieces to the original bridge. The pointer
indicates the ear and cap piece to cut out -- the opposite ear is drawn in
for clarification purposes only.

Tenor cap piece with "ear" is cut out.

The "ears" act as clamping platforms to pull the two pieces together. Tenor
cap mates with first treble cap.

The high treble section initial fit in oversize.

Clamping the pieces together. Here the bridge body is attached to the workbench,
but three-piece caps can be made when the soundboard and bridge body are still
attached to the rim.

Clamps and block removed. Next job it to unpin from bridge body,
run the glued-up cap through the planer and cut off the ears.

Planing the cap.

Close up of nice looking joint! Note the changing grain direction as the
cap pieces join. Next, cut off ears.