Actual pinblock installation photos as taken from the video.

Simple wood gage to mark block end heights. Full-fit pattern simplifies everything!

Sawing out block with reciprocating saw. Note protective wood on stretcher. Chiseling out ends.

Chisel away waste on stretcher. Note pinblock support jack -- important! Tracing out the new block.

Pay special attention at the "notch" especially this type with a large angle compared the rest of the flange. Picture at right
shows set up for angle at bandsaw.

The notch piece cut out, but it takes special know-how. Flipping the plate over using hoist. Time to fit block.

Chalk up the flange, get ready to fit new block. On right, fitting the block to the flange the old fashioned way.

Using the power rasp. Using clamps to secure the best fit (on right).

Tracing the pattern for block cut out. Cutting out the block on the band saw.

Making shims from pinblock scrap. Drilling holes (on right). Note the chips flying into the dust collection hose.

"Buttering up" the block with epoxy mix. Using the plate and clamping system for final installation.

Installing end dowels and pocket dowels (on right).

The job is done! Full fit to ends, to stretcher, and flange face.